Day of Infamy is just $5.09 for a limited time through on the Steam store right now!

For that price, you’re getting access to 60 weapons of war, 7 PVP game modes, 3 co-op game modes, 14 unique levels that recreate memorable battles, and 33 historic WWII units. Plus you get to check out some of the features that are coming to Sandstorm like fire support; where two different classes coordinate to call in artillery, strafing runs or smoke to cover your assault.

While we have slowed production of Day of Infamy to finish Sandstorm, there are hundreds of maps, sounds packs, weapon skins, character skins and UI upgrades available in the workshop. There are also full total conversions like the upcoming Screaming Steel, which take Day of Infamy mechanics to the trenches of WWI. We’re really proud of all the content our community has created and we’re excited to see more of it in the future!